Bouldery is a male contestant that competed in Camp Live: Season One, and is currently competing in Camp Live: Fans v. Favorites.

He is the first contestant to ever rejoin in a Camp Live season.

Gameplay Edit

A challenge beast starting from the first challenge, Bouldery was doing extremely well for his original team, the Yellow Yellers. However, when the teams swapped, Bouldery made an alliance with Mandarin Oranges, which ultimately turned out to be his demise. Oranges flipped on Bouldery, leaving him outraged. He claimed that he would never trust her again after being blindsided.

Fast forward a few months, and the second rejoin challenge is unveiled. Bouldery made an animated video explaining why he deserved to have a second chance, and won. Immediately after rejoining, he joined an alliance with Comet, Dorito Sandwich and Cheese Snacks. However, Dorito Sandwich quickly got eliminated, leaving them with three members of their alliance in the final six.

Bouldery then won individual immunity, leaving him safe at the next elimination. At said elimination, there was a deadlocked tie between their alliance and the opposing alliance, consisting of Ice Cream, Touch-Tone Telephone and Sharpie. Sharpie got out in the public vote, which gave his alliance an edge.

However, Bouldery didn't win individual immunity, meaning he was up for the vote at the pivotal final five elimination, which is the last elimination where you can use tokens. Bouldery was the target of the opposing alliance, since he was such a challenge threat, and was a victim of Touch-Tone's Immunity Token play, which caused him to get eliminated for the second time at fifth place.

Trivia Edit

  • Bouldery is by far the largest contestant in Camp Live.
  • Bouldery rejoined, making him the second and final rejoiner of the season.
    • He originally had a placement of 15th, before rejoining.
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