Camp Live: Opposite Worlds is the 6th season of Camp Live, which starts soon. The twist of this season is that the camp will be split into 2 and will allow more people to have a chance at competing: Camp Live, the vanilla Camp Live experience, and Camp Evil, a harder experience with difficult challenges but better rewards.

There are 21 duos. They are:

In Camp Live In Camp Evil
Island (Boonio) Moonlight Lamp (Nocturnal)
Rainbow Star Coin (ASAOMEGA) (21st) Blood Bottle (Snowypackel) (18th)
Crowbar (Platinum Perspective) (18th) Ink Drop (GreenWhite) (20th)
Forest (Temmiemania) (20th) Beanie (SquishyDino)
Battr (Idog) Switchblade (Tardis)
Locket (Izzy) Hilly (Ctrl Z) (21st)
Yammy (Space Bingus) (16th) Broadway Star (ActionJackson)
Charger (Khun) (15th) Coconut (Tradgore)
Zippy (Madness Mario) Chippy (DunnaD)
Stuffing (Multi) Idea (Florence)
Bubble Bath (Farzio) Pressure Washer (Agadez)
Newton's Cradle (Cheesy Hfj) Stopwatch (ThatPerson) (16th)
Starlight (Faucet) Dreamcatcher (distamart)
Peach Sangria (Counter) Bullet (Vernoxis)
Dead Planet (LegoMyExplosiveEggo) (19th) Joker Hat (mateic) (17th)
Tiki (Kaputzy) (17th) Battery (Dapslap)
Moviestrip (Demonloaf666) Antfarm (spongyawesomeness)
Ceiling Tile (Rival Race) Sand Bucket (Khoreo) (15th)
Dart (Tygreenie) Floaty (Sodalite) (19th)
Coat Hanger (MoeTheFrog) Divine Rock (Ray9462)
Pistachio Macaron (cuil) Balloons (Kwzern)
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