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Cartridge is a female contestant that competed in Camp Live: Captain Crash. They placed second, losing by a single jury vote. They later returned in Camp Live: Fans v. Favorites.


At the start of the season, Cartridge was teamless, since she picked the unlucky number, which sent her to Exile Island. This was bad for Cartridge, since she initially had no allies. However, that quickly changed when she joined the Mateys. She joined an alliance with two of her best teammates, Monchy and Cassette. Throughout the pre-merge, Cartridge didn't make any big moves, and just went with the flow, not rocking the boat. Right before the merge however, Monchy was blindsided by Lighter's alliance. Cartridge believed that Lighter was allied with her, so this made her a bit upset.

Starting in the merge, her challenge prowess really started to shine. Cartridge won the first challenge in the merge by a landslide, and wound up winning four out of the seven challenges in the merge. However, doing well in challenges wasn't her only strength. She voted out all of the members in Lighter's alliance one-by-one, besides the two floaters. Then, she realized how big of a threat Dreamcatcher was, as they were never coming up in conversation on who to eliminate. Even though Dreamcatcher voted alongside them, it was the final seven and they had majority either way at that point. After that elimination, Cartridge won the three final challenges in a row, and could not be voted for at any point. However, at the final five, she found herself in a bad situation, because her closest ally Cassette was being targeted. She then played her Immunity Token on Cassette, which saved him. This was the only successful token play of the entire season. At the final three, Cartridge plead her case, but ultimately didn't get the win due to some jurors not respecting her gameplay, which could have been seen as too villainous.


  • Cartridge is the first contestant to not be placed on a team at the start of a Camp Live season.
    • However, since Grapefruit was eliminated, she joined the Magenta Mateys.
  • Cartridge is the first contestant to be sent to Exile Island.
  • Cartridge is the first contestant to never receive a vote for them throughout the entire game.
    • Shades also had no votes against them in the same season, but they were automatically eliminated for inactivity.
  • Cartridge is the only contestant in Season Two to play a token successfully.
  • The host of Camp Live (Wuggle) believes that Cartridge is the best contestant to ever play, due to her great gameplay both strategically, and in challenges.