Cassette is a male contestant and the winner of Camp Live: Captain Crash.

Gameplay Edit

Cassette played a subtle strategic game, while under the wing of Cartridge, his closest ally. It is assumed that he used Cartridge as a shield, because he realized she was more vocal with strategic and was a beast at challenges. Due to this, Cassette successfully stayed out of the limelight, and wasn't seen as a target throughout the entire game. At the finale, his superior social game than his ally gave him the win. Cassette also got a lot of votes there were some times in the game that were hard for cassette such as in the last premerge elimination were Cassetes ally Monchy was blindsided by Lighter and his alliance. Luckily at merge Cassete And Cartridge made an alliance with dream catcher And Joined Forces With Curcaos alliance and eliminated Everyone in Lighter’s Alliance one by one. Besides the two floaters. At the final 8 cassette backstabbed curacao sinice he was a big threat and in a close voting succeeded With the help of Cartridge The two of them got Dreamcather out and backstabbed another person At the final 5 TOTBS alliance targeted Casstete Luckily Cartridge Played her immunity token on casette saving him and


Pm In the process the two of them voted of CB

at the next elimination and in the finale his strong

social game got him some votes it was a close

vote but by just 1 vote cassette

bet out Cartridge

Trivia Edit

  • Cassette's favorite ice cream flavor is "bruh" flavor.
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