Crackers and Dip Stick, together known as Cheese Snacks were a contestant in Camp Live: Season One, and are currently competing in Camp Live: Fans v. Favorites.

Gameplay Edit

Before the merge, Cheese Snacks wasn't very notable. During his three votes in the pre-merge stage, they voted with the majority, which showed how they had solid alliances. Being the only original Yellow Yeller to make the merge, Cheese Snacks played an under-the-radar game in the merge to not get targeted.

For most of the merge, they didn't win an individual immunity challenge, which probably wasn't intentional, but it helped them get as far as they did. They sided with Dorito Sandwich, Bouldery and Comet's alliance, and got out some threats such as Sharpie. However, after the strongest challenge threat of their alliance, Bouldery, got voted off, Cheese Snacks realized that they may be the next one to go. They won the immunity challenge at the final four, which granted them safety into the final three. However, their only ally left remaining, Comet, lost a tiebreaker immunity challenge to Ice Cream. This immediately put Cheese Snacks in a bad position, as Touch-Tone Telephone and Ice Cream were good friends in the game. Touch-Tone then won the final immunity challenge, and despite Cheese Snacks's arguments on why they're a better person to bring, Cheese Snacks was voted off at third place.

Trivia Edit

  • Cheese Snacks is the only contestant to have multiple objects in one.
  • Cheese Snacks is the only original Yellow Yellers member to make the merge.
    • This also means that Cheese Snacks has the highest placement out of any Yeller.
  • Only one vote was ever cast for Cheese Snacks, meaning they are currently the contestant with the least votes cast against them.
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