Dart is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Summer Showdown.

Gameplay Edit

Dart started the season on the Oceanbacks, where he found himself in the majority. During this initial team phase, Dart voted correctly in every elimination he went to, and did decent in challenges. This moment of greatness would soon dissolve when the team swap occurred, and Dart was placed on the Sunbrights, where the alliance he was in was split up. During his first elimination on the Sunbrights, he voted Potted Plant, and was the only contestant to do so. Luckily, someone he wasn't allied with, Teddy Bear, was eliminated. That isn't the only elimination he would go to on the Sunbrights though. After Wiffle Ball was eliminated, the Sunbrights went up for elimination again. At this elimination, Dart used his vote blocker, which blocked First-Aid Kit's vote, someone from the opposing alliance. Due to this move, he was in a tie with First-Aid Kit, both having three votes. During the revote, Lotion flipped her vote, which caused a deadlock, making him safe.

After that catastrophe of a vote, Dart made a move with a former enemy, First-Aid Kit, and Brushy to vote out a threat, Milk Tea before the merge. At the merge, Dart immediately found himself in the minority, although at this point he was doing better in challenges. He voted for Waffler in the first elimination of the merge, but Cherry Ramune was eliminated, who was a number for their alliance. After Dart didn't win the second immunity challenge, his fate was sealed as he wasn't a super strategic player, and was good at challenges, which caused the majority alliance to take him out at twelfth place.

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