Dead Pixel is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season One.

Gameplay Edit

Dead Pixel was not the strongest competitor in the game, social-wise and challenge-wise. This is why he was targeted at the Blue Burglars' first elimination. However, Dead Pixel was saved once he tied with Shades, and since one of his two votes for himself was because he didn't vote, he only had one vote against him in the tie and he was saved. Since the Burglars didn't lose until the swap, Dead Pixel was safe. After the team swap though, the Yellow Yellers lost the second post-swap challenge, and Dead Pixel was unanimously voted out of the game, since he voted himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Dead Pixel is the only (technically) dead contestant to compete in Camp Live.
    • However, it can be argued that Grapefruit refutes this claim.
  • Dead Pixel is the only contestant to vote themselves at every elimination they attended.
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