Dream Catcher is a female contestant who competed in Camp Live: Captain Crash.

Gameplay Edit

Dream Catcher started out with a random plan with no strategy and wanted to have fun, they did near average and okay in challenges. Their user made short lived alliances with people. Due to this however, they were chosen almost everytime to go to Exile Island, causing them to be safe in almost every elimination. Near end of team phase, there was a team swap. They did exceptionally well and received first place, making them the new team captain of the Scallywags. Their user later made an alliance with Cassette and Cartridge.

During merge, they joined forces with Curaçao's alliance, making their alliance the top at the voting, eliminating anyone they targeted. At some point, Cassette had a plan to eliminate Curaçao which succeeded but barely because of a tie vote, This would not have happened if for Cartridge voted for someone else. This later made a misconception that Dreamcatcher did not vote the correct person their alliance said which made them the target of the next elimination.

Trivia Edit

  • Probably the contestant who went to Exile Island the most times in Camp Live S2
  • Was the Team Captain of Seafoam Scallywags at late Team phase.
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