Glittery is a female contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season One.

Gameplay Edit

Glittery played a very under-the-radar game. She was pretty good at challenges, and was in the middle of the original Yellow Yellers team, she wasn't being a leader but also wasn't dragging them down. This is why when the Yellers first went up for elimination, Glittery wasn't targeted. She went with the flow and voted Potted Plant because she was told to do so by Bouldery.

After the team swap, Glittery found herself in a team with a similar makeup as the previous, with threats and dead weight. The team unanimously decided together to vote Dead Pixel out of the game. Following the elimination, Glittery found an Immunity Token, which could help since she was now the weakest member on the team. After this, Shades rejoined onto their team. Glittery then tried hard to prevent her team from being up for elimination, but unfortunately they went up again at the final thirteen. Glittery was allied with Shades, and they both voted the biggest threat, Soassy, together. Along with this, Shades played his Vote Blocker on Soassy, so his vote wouldn't count. However, Glittery didn't realize she was in danger, and didn't play her immunity token, which was a vital mistake. Soassy played his Immunity Token, so the only vote that counted was from Chips, and he voted Glittery, causing her to be the ninth player voted out.

Trivia Edit

  • Glittery is the first contestant who has gotten eliminated with an Immunity Token that they didn't play.
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