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Grapefruit is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Captain Crash. He was the first player eliminated from the season. He also played in Camp Live: Summer Showdown.


Captain Crash[]

Grapefruit did not play the greatest game in the world. He was very excited to get in, and was very active in the roleplay. However, his social game and challenge performance is ultimately what dug his grave. He often would interrupt conversations in an active roleplay, and although some of his shenanigans were humorous, I don't think many people in the game appreciated Grapefruit. In the first challenge, he achieved the lowest score out of everyone that participated in the challenge, with 1,081 out of a potential 25,000. Because of this, his team considered Grapefruit as a burden and cut him loose. Strangely, Grapefruit didn't try to survive, and didn't even vote, which casted his vote towards himself.

Summer Showdown[]

Grapefruit seemed very excited to compete once again in Camp Live: Summer Showdown, and even brought his pet Slimy to compete with him. However, he was extremely inactive, and didn't do either of the first two challenges. Because of this, he was eliminated first from his team, getting twenty-second place once again.


Grapefruit dead.PNG
Grapefruit Vore Someone.png

  • Grapefruit is the first Camp Live contestant to die during a season.
    • He died because of depression, and a lack of energy due to paranoia, according to the user.
    • His body floated out to sea.
  • Grapefruit was the first contestant voted out of Camp Live: Captain Crash.
  • His user’s guardians said he wasn’t allowed to have Discord. But little did they know he was using it.
  • Grapefruit is the first contestant to play alongside a pet.
  • Grapefruit was the first contestant to get the same placement twice.
    • However, Brushy rejoined, so this is no longer the case making him the first contestant to get last place twice.