Green Ornament is a non-binary contestant who competed in Camp Live.

Gameplay Edit

Green Ornament started out on the Red Raiders, which was the weakest team initially. They didn't perform very well in the first challenge, which helped put the Raiders up for elimination. Obviously, this was a bad situation for Green Ornament to be in. However, they ultimately were saved due to Chalkboard making a big move at the elimination, voting out Peanut. Although Green Ornament was saved, Peanut's ending speech talked about how weak they were in the challenges, and that may have put the thought of voting Green Ornament out until people's minds. The Raiders eventually lost the fourth challenge, and visited elimination once again. This time, the team felt burdened by Green Ornament's challenge performance, and they wouldn't be saved this time, and ended up being the fourth player voted out.

Trivia Edit

  • Green Ornament is the only contestant in Season One to not have a binary gender.
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