Ice Cream is a female contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season 1. Ice Cream debuted at the merge.

She is also the runner-up of Season One, and ultimately lost to Touch-Tone Telephone due to his superior social gameplay, and the jury believed Ice Cream rode on his coattails to get to the end.

Gameplay Edit

Ice Cream begun her Camp Live journey by debuting at the merge stage of the game. She did not initially sign up at the beginning of the season. At her first elimination, she allied with Mandarin Oranges and Chalkboard, and voted Chips. Unfortunately for her, Chalkboard got eliminated, and she was left with only one ally, Mandarin Oranges. Luckily for her, Oranges had an Immunity Token, and played it on herself at the next elimination, eliminating Chips in the process. After her big move, more people joined their side, but Mandarin Oranges still got eliminated at the final eleven, which caused a change in how Ice Cream had to play.

After Mandarin Oranges, her closest ally, was eliminated, Ice Cream decided to team up with Touch-Tone Telephone, who voted with her at the previous elimination, Sharpie and Lyre and they became a powerful alliance, blindsiding Soassy at the next vote. At the final six, Ice Cream won a challenge. At that elimination, both alliances had three members, and Sharpie got out due to a public vote, and Ice Cream suddenly was in danger. She realized this and won the next challenge, becoming the only player to win two challenges consecutively. This move ensured her safety, and Touch-Tone was saved due to his immunity token, eliminating Bouldery. Both alliances were now equal again, two-to-two. At the final four elimination, she was in a deadlocked tie with Comet. They competed in a challenge, and Ice Cream ended up winning, ultimately eliminating Comet.

Ice Cream lost the final immunity challenge, however, Touch-Tone brought Ice Cream to the final two, due to their friendship. In the finale, Ice Cream brought up some points on why she would win, but stated that she doesn't care who wins between the two of them. The jury decided that Touch-Tone Telephone deserved the win more since Ice Cream debuted, and rode on Touch-Tone's coattails through most of the season.

Trivia Edit

  • Ice Cream is the only contestant to debut in Camp Live.
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