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Mandarin Oranges was a female contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season 1, Camp Live: Captain Crash, and is currently competing in Camp Live: Fans v. Favorites with her robot, Lotion. She is the first contestant to play three (or technically, four) times.


Camp Live: Season One[]

From the beginning, Mandarin Oranges was a great player, in all aspects. She did well in every challenge and had a great social game, even though her personality was very rude in tone. Her strategy was good. at the first Merge elimination she teamed up with chalkboard and allied with Ice Cream. They Tried To Eliminate Chips But Chalkboard got the boot instead So at the next elimination Oranges was on the bottom with ice cream however she played her immunity token and they blindsided chips in the process.After this people joined there side and oranges targeted comet however she still got 4 votes and was tied with comet since lyre didn’t vote it was down to to her vote and unfortunately because lyre hated mandarin oranges oranges got the boot

Camp Live: Captain Crash[]

In Captain Crash, Mandarin Oranges was placed on the Seafoam Scallywags. On this team, she allied herself with Locker and Slide Puzzle. In the first two challenges, she proved herself with great performances. However, her team lost the second challenge. Even though her challenge prowess was so strong, her poor social game caused a blindside to occur. It was spearheaded by Curaçao, and they got everyone to flip on Mandarin Oranges, including her closest ally, Locker.


  • Mandarin Oranges' user is the only contestant in Camp Live to have also participated in both of Wuggle's previous camps.
  • Mandarin Oranges is the first returner to be eliminated in this season, and since this is the second season, she's the first returner to ever be eliminated.
    • She is also the first female contestant to be eliminated in Camp Live: Captain Crash.
  • Mandarin Oranges' user played as Lotion in Camp Live: Summer Showdown with an alternate account.