Peanut is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season 1, and competed in Camp Live: Captain Crash.

He has the distinction of being the first contestant voted out in Camp Live. He is also the first contestant to be replaced, and is banned from competing in future seasons.

Gameplay Edit

Camp Live: Season One Edit

During the first challenge, Peanut helped out his team in the team chat, but ultimately faltered during saying his five words, when his word for the letter P was already used by an opposing team. However, it wasn't just this goof that led to his elimination. The four other members on his team voted for him, so it is assumed that there is some sort of alliance in place that got him eliminated. It is to be assumed that since he was voted off to a 4-1 vote so early, Peanut's social gameplay must have not been the greatest, which led to his elimination. Peanut did attempt the first rejoin challenge, but received second place. He did not partake in the second rejoin challenge.

Camp Live: Captain Crash Edit

Peanut did pretty bad in the first challenge and then made fun of Wuggle's friends so he was replaced by Shades[1]. L. Too bad.

Trivia Edit

  • Peanut is the first contestant to ever get eliminated in Camp Live.
    • Because of this, he is also the first male contestant to get eliminated.
  • Peanut is the only contestant in Camp Live Season 1 to be eliminated with 0 fans.
    • Shades was originally eliminated with 0 fans, but rejoined and then was eliminated again with 3.
  • Placing 21st in his first season, Peanut is currently the lowest-placing contestant to play again.
  • Peanut is the first contestant to be replaced, and the first contestant to be banned.
  • Peanut placed 23/22, making him technically have a ranking that does not count in Camp Live: Captain Crash.

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