Shades is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season One, and in Camp Live: Captain Crash.

He is remembered as the first Camp Live contestant to ever rejoin the game.

Gameplay Edit

Camp Live: Season One Edit

Shades was originally seen as one of the better members of the team. During the first challenge, he placed first on his team and won a Win Token. He also cooperated with his team and seemed like one of the Burglars' best players. During the second challenge though, Shades was the last person to complete it and generally was a lot more inactive than he was before, which may have been one of the reasons why the Burglars lost. During the elimination, Shades didn't vote, which gave him a vote towards himself. The elimination ultimately tied with a 2-2-1 vote, with himself and Dead Pixel, and the tiebreaker vote caused Shades to be eliminated 2-1. However, that wasn't the end to his story. Shades compewted in the first rejoin challenge and won, so he is back in the game.

After rejoining, Shades had a very strong challenge game. He always did super well, and was the challenge beast on his team. However, Shades played too hard strategically, and tried to blindside at the elimination right before the merge. Everyone on the team eventually found out about it, and all voted for Shades, including Shades, since he knew he was doomed.

Camp Live: Captain Crash Edit

Originally, Shades applied for Camp Live: Captain Crash, but did not make it in. Due to some controversy with Peanut, he was put in the season instead, to take his place. Unfortunately, right after he joined the season, he went inactive and didn't compete in a single challenge for his team. Because of this, Shades was automatically eliminated after the fourth challenge, being the first contestant to be automatically eliminated via inactivity.

Trivia Edit

  • Shades is the first contestant to rejoin Camp Live.
  • Shades was the first contestant to be eliminated due in part to not voting.
    • Ironically, in the elimination when they got eliminated for the second time, Shades voted for himself.
  • After he rejoined, Shades was the last pre-merge boot in Season One.
  • Since Peanut was replaced, and effectively is not in the season, Shades is the lowest placing player to return.
  • Shades is the first member of the Bronze Buccaneers to be eliminated.
    • He is also the first contestant to be eliminated due to inactivity, without a vote.
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