Shield Juice is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season One.

Gameplay Edit

Shield Juice was initially an asset to his original team, the Red Raiders, and did well in the first three challenges. This is what saved him from the first elimination, where Peanut was sent home for being a strategic threat. However, he quickly went inactive in the challenges and he was partially responsible for the Raiders to go up for elimination a second time. However, Shield Juice was saved due to his previous challenge performance, and the team eliminated Green Ornament who consistently did poorly in challenges.

Right after that elimination, the teams swapped and Shield Juice was placed on the Green Giants. Even though he was close to getting the boot, he still didn't try in the next challenge and caused his newly-swapped team to go to elimination. Since he was rarely active on the Discord server and didn't talk to many fellow competitors, Shield Juice was voted out with a 3-1 vote.

Trivia Edit

  • Shield Juice is the only contestant which is based off of something from a video game.
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