TV Dinner is a male contestant who competed in Camp Live: Season One.

Gameplay Edit

TV Dinner at the beginning was one of the strongest members of the Red Raiders. He was in an alliance with Chalkboard, who was the strategic force behind the team, and he usually did well in challenges, in comparison to some of his teammates. In the first elimination, he voted alongside Chalkboard to take out Peanut, which solidified TV Dinner at the top of his team, alongside Chalkboard, because his other two teammates were poor challenge performers. At the fourth elimination, they voted out Green Ornament for that reason.

The teams then swapped for the first time, and TV Dinner stayed on the Red Raiders, this time with no previous allies. He was in a bit of danger, however his saving grace was Battery, who didn't compete in most of the challenges. When the team inevitably lost, TV Dinner and the rest of the team voted Battery out. The team never lost after that, however a second swap occurred and this time, there wasn't an inactive player to save himself. When the team lost, he rallied to get Dorito Sandwich eliminated, however the two previous Green Giant members on the team voted alongside Dorito Sandwich to vote TV Dinner out of the game, since he would be a bigger threat at the merge.

Trivia Edit

  • TV Dinner's user won a previous camp hosted by Wuggle, titled Battle for Wuggle World. It was a DeviantArt camp.
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