Touch-Tone Telephone is a male contestant and the winner of Camp Live: Season 1.

Touch-Tone Telephone's winning game may have involved a little bit of luck, but his challenge performance and social game were the main factors on why he won.

Gameplay Edit

Touch-Tone started the game on the Green Giants, which was the strongest team challenge-wise and before the swap, never went up for elimination.

From the beginning, Touch-Tone Telephone was a great player in challenges. In Challenge 3, his art piece showcasing all of the Green Giants around a fire got first place out of all eighteen entries, and he consistently performed above-average. When the teams swapped, Touch-Tone was put on the strongest challenge-performing team yet again, this time being the Red Raiders, and became the last contestant to be put up for elimination. After the second swap, Touch-Tone wasn't up for elimination again until the merge.

When the merge hit, Touch-Tone tried hard, knowing he was a threat, and won the first individual immunity challenge. Ice Cream then debuted, which became his closest ally. After a few more votes, he formed an alliance with Sharpie, Ice Cream and Lyre, and while he was in the minority, Sharpie used their vote steal on Soassy, blindsiding them and giving them even numbers with the opposing alliance. Things started to look grim at the final six when Sharpie was voted out due to a public vote, however at the following elimination, Touch-Tone realized his name was coming up and played his immunity token that he had saved from the first team swap, and played it on himself, eliminating Bouldery in the process, which gave them equal numbers again.

After this, the final four elimination resulted in a deadlocked tie, where Comet lost a tiebreaker challenge against Ice Cream. Touch-Tone then ended up winning the final three immunity challenge by a mile, and brought Ice Cream to the final two with him. This ended up being the correct choice, as the jury disliked Ice Cream for being a debuter and following everything Touch-Tone said to the end, and the jury voted for Touch-Tone Telephone to win, with a 7-2 decision.

Trivia Edit

  • Touch-Tone is the only Camp Live contestant to have more than two legs.
  • Touch-Tone is the first contestant to win individual immunity.
  • All of Touch-Tone's votes cast against him were invalidated, as all three of them were cast during the final five elimination, where he used an immunity token.
  • Since Ice Cream is the other finalist, who debuted, Touch-Tone is the only original Season One contestant to survive every elimination and make it to the end.
  • Touch-Tone is the highest placing original Green Giants member.
  • Touch-Tone is the first winner of Camp Live.
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